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Out at the sea, where no soul usually looks, a species known as Seapuppies reside. Not much is known about them, due to the fact they only show themselves to Fishermen and Sailors that have been seen displaying proper respect to the sea, whether it be by not littering or by not taking the gifts of the sea, such as seafood for granted. Along with showing themselves to trusted people on the sea, they'll be more than happy to help anyone in any scenario, whether it be saving someone from drowning, or showing them where they need to go, Seapuppies want every person, and creature, to feel safe in the habitat they treasure so much. Maybe if you're lucky enough, one may deem you worthy as well?

Seapuppies are a Discord Based Closed Species, made by Raptor (k1ib0uma) and Mills (Tyraneilis)! Everything, whether it be creating a MYO or trading a character, has to be handled there. Upon joining, every person gets a Free MYO with three uncommon traits and one rare trait attached to it, if you want to add more items to the MYO, or get invested enough to continue your stay with us, you can redeem art, writing and/or other creative media (ex. animations) for the species currency, Bubbles, to buy more items!

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Visual Trait Guide

If you need a closer look at the images, you can right click, and then click "Open image in new tab"! Every trait is also color coded with what rarity they are (green = common, blue = uncommon, purple = rare, yellow = mythical).







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